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Erica Baker-Gagnon

Frequently ASked QuestIons

Why talk to a therapist when i could just talk to my family or friends?

Therapists are trained to help you work through your issues in a more systematic and thorough way. We are also unbiased and here entirely to support you – you do not have to worry about my feelings the same way you would with someone you have a reciprocal relationship with!

Do i have to be really unwell to come to therapY?

Not at all. Some people are unwell by the time they make it to therapy whereas others come in when they have specific issues they would like to work on. Still others come to therapy to keep themselves accountable for their own behavior or as prevention or maintenance. There is no right or wrong reason to seek out therapy!

If i start therapy, will i be in therapy for the rest of my life?

Certainly not. Some people attend therapy for very short periods of time to work on specific issues. Others go in and out of therapy for most of their lives. There is no shame in however you use therapy to serve you best.

what do i have to do to prepare for my therapy sessions?

Nothing! You can come in with either ideas of things you would like to talk about, a desire to continue talking about whatever we have been talking about recently or absolutely no specific ideas at all! If you know exactly what you’d like to discuss, great. If not, I am here to help guide you.

what if i just need medication and not therapy?

I believe that most issues are treated best with either therapy alone or a combination of therapy and medication. Sometimes issues seem highly chemically based and I will suggest going down the medication route first to see what the impact is. Medication can only work on the chemical processes in your brain and it works in different ways with different people at different times – it cannot change the way you think or your patterns of behavior. Therapy is the best way to work on those issues.

What if you're not the right therapist for me?

The biggest key to success in therapy is the fit between client and therapist. If you have decided that we are not a good fit, please tell me! I only have your best interests in mind and can refer you to another mental health professional that will better suit your needs.